Race Day Rampage is massively multiplayer arcade racing game. Using a shared screen (your stream), your entire audience can join the Grand Prix and play together. Viewers will join either directly from chat by typing !play, or with our mobile app where they can also customize cars, earn currency and track progress.


Take on the role of Race Director:

Download the desktop game and stream to your audience.

  • Choose a track
  • Invite your viewers to race (directly from chat or with their mobile device)
  • Control the cinematic camera
  • Turn on traps to create chaos!

Join the race!

Download the mobile app

  • Take on the role of Team Principle:
  • Choose a vehicle
  • Customize its look
  • Join your favourite streamer
  • Interact and be seen on stream!


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Take on the role of Race Director:

Start the Race!


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